2022 Showreel Showcase


Lucy Read
Ella Barber
Eddie Thorpe
Maddie Hawes
Mia Shehadeh
Scarlett Rose (with guest appearance from Lauryn Price).

Colchester Voice Academy had its final production on Friday 17th June 2022.  Moving forward all future productions will be produced by Vocal Freedom Coaching Services.


The short films below feature the singers describing a little about the songs they had chosen to perform.  

Some of the artwork created for the digi-programme along with the edited showreels.  


To bring this chapter to a close, some of the teenage students who had worked with Leigh online all through the CVA years, were able to stand up and perform a mini-set to showcase the best of their repertoires for an audience of friends and family and a full camera crew courtesy of members of Colchester Film Makers.  

In the run up to the showcase Leigh started putting her film making skills to use to produce a digital programme for the show.  The digiprogramme videos are also below.   This was the first on screen experience in this interview setting for each of these young artists.  

Photos by LMT and GT Photography

Colchester Film Makers

Leigh has had a long relationship with the film club, with them helping produce our keepsake DVDs between 2013-2017.  

The Camera Crew was led by Director Alex Gwyther

Assistant Director: Barrie Gibbard

Production Assistant: Neil Rowe

Sound: Marcel Glover

Cameras: Lionel Bloomfield,  Paul Desmond,  Robin Garton & Barrie Gibbard.

Click to learn more about Colchester Film Makers Club

stories on film

Eddie Thorpe

Eddie joined Colchester Voice Academy Summer term 2020. His first project was our online video making showcase! After online lessons for the first 16 months, Eddie started meeting Leigh weekly from September 2021. At the time of recording, Eddie was 16.


As Eddie’s showreel was the first full edit for this project, it inevitably has ended up a bit long. From this I have now edited a shorter highlights reel which can give viewers a taster in a much shorter time.  

During the post production period I have rebranded and offer Vocal Freedom Coaching Services and a no longer using the CVA branding.  You may notice this on the resulting edits which have been completed in December 2022/January 2023.  

Ella Barber

Ella started singing lessons with Leigh back in 2014 and has appeared in nearly all the LMT Showcases since, as well as the CVA online video shows. Ella will be starting her full time 3 year degree experience later in 2023 but will always be welcome as part of the LMT family to return to visit us when she is home. At the time of filming, Ella was just completing her level 3 extended diploma in Musical Theatre and was 17.


lucy read

Lucy started voice lessons with Leigh during 2019 while she was attending Colchester Institute, completing an extended level 3 diploma in Musical Theatre. At the time of filming, Lucy was just beginning her training as a air steward and was 19. She has since started a jet-setting job and consequently stopped her lessons but we do hope to hear from Lucy again in the future.

Lucy lscp (1)

maddie hawes

Maddie joined LMT Singing School in 2017 and took part in some showcases pre-pandemic. Maddie has developed her performing arts skills so much in the past six years and is about to embark on her full time professional training later in 2023 at Wilkes Academy. Maddie is very much part of our musical family and community and will always be welcome back when she is home. At the time of recording Maddie was 17.


mia shehadeh

Mia joined LMT Singing School when she was only 9 years old and has grown up performing in exams and showcases. Mia has now started writing her own songs and performing at local open mics and in 2022 had her first paid gig. At the time of recording Mia was 16.

mia (1)

The Duets-Maddie & Eddie

eddie & mia

scarlett rose

Scarlett joined LMT Singing School in 2018 and achieved many exams and showcases with this one being her last. Scarlett is now attending University full time and is welcome to come and sing some more any time in the future.