Practice with purpose

Your voice is your unique tool of verbal expression.  Much can be said by saying nothing at all too! 

Actors, singers, public speakers, business professionals, anyone who has a message they are delivering while using their voice can benefit from vocal coaching. 

Learn about your voice by taking the time to listen to it.

Give it more interesting tasks! Learn a new song, speech or poem. Deliver a message that aligns with your own need for expression. 


Colchester, Essex, UK

All lessons and workshops are held in Colchester or online.

Kinda….as the business includes important and special voices who are from beyond Colchester and many attend from other areas and from other places around the world, this site is a memorial of the wonderful creativity and memories made during CVA’s brief chapter. 

Yes, Leigh is a creative freelancer who provides voice lessons and workshops alongside developing resource and content building, including video content, soundtracks, website building and digital marketing.